Ukrainian evangelical leaders condemn Kiev clergyman


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Women have been found to be the most endangered species in the modern-day churches due to deception of their so called “pastors, I was once a victim. No doubt, some women are also used from the pit of hell to tempt the genuine men of God, but men of God, please allow God to work in you first before you claim that He is working through you. Apostle Paul warned Timothy to shun youthful passion, and we are all commanded to FLEE fornication, it ridicules and destroys calling. You may do it in the dark when no one sees you, but I beg you to think twice before engaging in this dirty soul destroying games. Per adventure you will like to ask King David, he would be glad to share with you the repercussions of the most destroying sin, which is the sin fornication/Adultery.  It ridicules anointing and your calling. How long should people be covering evil, It is time we expose evil among us, it is time those who claims they are called into pastorial care, but allowed themselves to fall into satanic web of adultery faces their shame here on earth, rather than on resurrection morning 1Samuel 12:12. Those who call themselves Pastors among us should stop using God’s Holy Name as a roller coaster to do evil. God knows His own. Let us help save our women from these hellish “pastors.” “Women are either frightened or become victims of manipulation and falsehood. . . . May God protect all who have already suffered, and also potential victims who are under the influence of manipulation and wizardry,”


RISU, 24 March 2016

Nine protestant pastors have made public new incidents of manipulation and falsehood by Sunday Adelaja, which have led to new scandals, including sexual ones, around the pastor of “God’s Embassy.”

The pastors maintain that on 12 March 2016 they received an appeal from parishioners of “God’s Embassy” for protection and help. The letter told how Sunday, with the help of various manipulation techniques, flattering words, and his own position, forced them to engage in sexual encounters with him. And there are very many of such incidents, according to the authors of the appeal, and they have a systematic character.

“Women are either frightened or become victims of manipulation and falsehood. . . . We ask you to protect all who have already suffered, and also potential victims who are under the influence of manipulation and wizardry,” the appeal of parishioners of God’s Embassy says.

“Taking into account the fact that the board of elders of this religious congregation knew about this situation and have not taken any measures, we consider them to be collaborators in Sunday’s sins. In this situation, we urge the apostolic council and parishioners of the church God’s Embassy to remove Sunday Adelaja and the elders from leadership of the congregation and to exclude them from the church. In the event that it is impossible to fulfill this suggestion, we urge member of God’s Embassy to leave this structure and to find a church where healthy biblical Christian teaching is professed and practiced,” the statement says.

It was signed by:

Anatoly Gavriliuk, senior bishop of the Center of Independent Charismatic Churches of Ukraine;

Philip Savochka, senior pastor of the Association of Salvation Churches;

Boris Grisenko, rabbi of the Jewish Missionary Community of Kiev;

Sergei Baliuk, bishop of the Association of the Christian Evangelical Church of the Living God;

Valery Reshetinsky, bishop of the Ukrainian Missionary Church association;

Aleksey Demadovich, bishop of the Church of God of Ukraine;

Alexander Rudinets, bishop of the Kingdom of God association;

Andrei Tishchenko, bishop of the New Generation Church;

Vadim Shepilov, senior pastor of the Good News Church.

We recall that back on 29 December 2008, the Council of Bishops of Christian Evangelical Churches of Ukraine published a statement in which they warned the Christian community about the lawless and anti-biblical activity of the Nigerian citizen Sunday Adelaja.

At the time, the evangelical churches decisively dissociated themselves from Sunday and condemned his methods and means of activity, as a result of which thousands of people had become victims of financial pyramids. This statement gave recommendations to the leadership of the God’s Embassy church to remove Sunday from ministry and to Sunday himself, that he repent. But these recommendations were not fulfilled either by Sunday or by the leadership of God’s Embassy. (tr. by PDS, posted 26 March 2016)

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“We are following the situation and praying for the fallen and the victims”, 25 March 2016

At a meeting of pastors and board of elders of the Ukrainian church “God’s Embassy” on 23 March in Kiev, the famous preacher Sunday Adelaja confessed that for a long time he lived in the sin of adultery and that he repented before the audience.

A minister from the U.S.A. known as “Apostle Toff,” who over the course of several years performed spiritual care for God’s Embassy church and personally for Sunday Adelaja, announced the unfrocking of Sunday and his removal from all forms of ministry: leadership of the church, preaching, and counseling, “until restoration,” the press service of the Russian Associated Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (ROSKhVE), which belongs to the same protestant movement as God’s Embassy, reported.

The meeting of ministers was held within the framework of the traditional Congress of Ministers that occurred on the eve of the 22nd anniversary of God’s Embassy Ukrainian Christian church in Kiev. More than 200 pastors and ministers assembled for fasting and prayer before the annual conference. Earlier the leadership of ROSKhVE sent “Apostle Toff” an official statement about the impermissibility of covering up the sins of ministers of the church, including pastors, and about the necessity of public confession and repentance. It was reported that Sunday Adelaja will perform confession and repentance before parishioners on Thursday, 31 March, at the first service of the annual conference of the God’s Embassy church in Kiev.

Information about the fall of Sunday Adelaja was received by the leadership of ROSKhVE “with pain and regret.” Despite this, ROSKhVE “acknowledges and values the work that the Holy Spirit has accomplished . . . in this church.” (tr. by PDS, posted 27 March 2016)


Despite the mistakes and disagreement with many of the doctrinal and practical questions regarding what happened in the God’s Embassy church and personally with Sunday Adelaja, we acknowledge and value the work that the Holy Spirit has accomplished, and we believe he will continue to accomplish in this church and through those of its members who follow the Lord with all their heart. At the same time, the Word of God requires that a person who has committed such sins not only be removed from the ministry, but also deprived of pastoral leadership and excommunicated from the church (1 Cor. 6.9-10), which is what is said in particular in the canonical rules of ordination of clergy of the ROSKhVE.

In this difficult situation for the entire evangelical community, the ROSKhVE churches will pray:

–personally for Sunday Adelaja and his family and for his profound awareness of the causes of what happened and sincere repentance and correction and restoration of relationships with the Lord, his spouse, and children;

–for the leadership and pastors of the God’s Embassy church, that the Lord will grant them wisdom and courage and direct them in the work of ministry of the church in this difficult period;

–for all parishioners of the God’s Embassy church, that the Lord will help them to pass through these trials and preserve faith in God and confidence in the church, which is built not on the authority and charisma of individual persons but by the Word and Spirit of God and has its foundation in Jesus Christ. (tr. by PDS, posted 27 March 2016)

Russian original posted on CNLNews website, 25 March 2016

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Ukrainian evangelical leaders condemn Kiev clergyman

March 24, 2016

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